The Kiss Off Project

HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS meets THE HATING GAME in this funny, sizzling & heartbreaking romantic comedy!

One thing love-sick blogger Brea Appleton is sure of: Cupid is messing with her.

Out of a job, and back in her parents’ clutches she feeds her followers one sad love story after another. Actually earning money by getting dumped. But when her dream house is on sale and another man drops her like a hot potato, Brea needs to step up her game. With the help of her blog, “Dumperella” she starts a vendetta against fuckboys.

The plan: play and dump guys, but online, and for everyone to see. All for the clicks and no mercy allowed. The problem: her smokin’ hot “victim” Sonny has his very own bet going on and won’t go anywhere soon. He has to prove his roommate’s self-help book does what it promises…that he can make any woman fall in love with him.

As Brea tries to get rid of a man for the first time, Sonny steps out of his comfort zone and they both get what they didn’t plan on: feelings.

But when telling the truth can ruin their goals, it’s not easy to decide between love and success.