The Bone Thief Saga

The Bone Thief’s Tale

Book #1

Introducing a newly reimagined tale written in the vein of The Little Mermaid meeting Hades and Persephone.

Bound to steal her queen magical bones, thief Lynne knows only one mistake equals death. And yet, she dreams of living in the forbidden world upon the surface, hating every minute in the Underworld. When she secretly develops a crush on a human, she loses a bone in his realm and has no choice but to strike a deal with the only one who could help—an evil witch. To save her life, she must earn the man’s love and bring back the bone in 99 days.

Rio Renero is a notorious gang leader in Chicago and his life has been set to one purpose—to get back at his enemies. With a mysterious, beautiful girl showing up on his doorstep, he sees the solution to his machinations. She offers him a chance at a deadly heist that could destroy all his enemies. In return, he must help her steal a book. What a cinch.

As Lynne and Rio dig deep into a dark net of politics, magic, and passion, they need to learn to trust each other.

Not so easy, consindering they’re not quite sure whether to kiss or kill each other.

The Bone Weaver’s Curse

Book #2

Five long years have passed…

since Chicago’s notorious mob boss, Rio, lost Lynne to the Underworld. However, his life takes another tragic turn when his daughter is murdered by a Deathwalker. Unwilling to give up, he dares to do the unthinkable and makes a deal with the Bone Queen. But there’s a catch: he must hunt down 100 runaway souls to save his daughter, and one of them happens to be Lynne, the queen’s missing bone thief.

After a series of dangerous deals, Lynne has returned to the Underworld––but at a steep cost. On the run and heartbroken, she turns to the Blood Queen for help once again. The dark witch offers to join forces and bring an end to her own sister.

As fate would have it, Rio and Lynne cross paths once more, but this time they find themselves on opposite sides of a treacherous battle. One of the rulers of the Underworld harbors a dark secret that poses a threat to all worlds. As they unravel the lies, curses, and ancient secrets, they must make a choice––whether to believe the Bone Queen or the Blood Queen.

But who is telling the truth?

The Bone God’s Wrath

Book #3

Synopsis coming soon!