The Bone Weaver’s cover is here!

Some of you might already know why there are two Deathwalkers on the cover now 😉 I’m still tweaking the blurb of book two but will show you next week, promise ❤️

The Bone Weaver’s Curse promises some drama, y’all!

Our beloved bone thief brought a certain book back at the end of The Bone Thief Saga 1 and now the Underworld faces one of the greatest wars of its time, as the two queens fight each other, fight over Lynne, the book and some other jucy stuff 😉

The love between Lynne and Rio is at stake, though, because thanks to another tiny deal, the two lovebirds are on different sides of the war. But which side is the good one? Which queen is lying and putting everyone in danger?

You’ll have to read and find out for yourself of course 😀

But I have a few beta reader spots left and you can now fill out a form in case you want to read book 2 before it’s even an ARC! But don’t be sad if you don’t get a spot since there will be some ARCs again too!